Henry and Harmony Steal the Spotlight [February 2018]

February was the month of Henry, Real Doll’s male sexbot. Additionally, we had a slew of papers grappling with the moral ambiguity of agalmatophilia and the discussion behind sex doll “brothels” in Europe.

AI WARNING: Robots will need ‘chipping’ to stop ‘MURDEROUS THOUGHTS’

Renowned futurist and professor Michio Kaku predicts a future wherein robots will become “…as smart as a mouse, then rat, then a cat, dog, and monkey” as the decades go by. Though not explicitly about sex robots (the Daily Star chooses to interject the association), Kaku’s predictions spells an exciting future for intelligent robotics.

SEX ROBOTS: The End of Relationships?

In a fascinating chapter of her series The State Of Sex, YouTuber lacigreen toured the Real Doll factory and had a thoughtful conversation with the artists and Matt McMullen, the founder. The two discussed the ethics of sex robots, the future of the industry, and both the benefits and potential detriments of a world where these sex toys are more ubiquitous.

UK’s first sex doll brothel forced to give used dolls away for free

Per METRO: After a dispute with their landlord, the UK’s first sex doll “brothel,” Lovedoll UK, has been forced to raffle away all of their dolls for free within three days of being forced out of their business premises.

The Squishy Ethics of Sex With Robots

In a carefully-written piece published on WIRED, author Adam Rogers evaluates the arguments of proponents and opponents of “technosexuality” – including virtual reality, decentralized consent, “Turing-love,” potential risks, and social stigma.

First peek at world’s first male sex robot with custom bionic penis ‘BETTER than vibrator’

The Daily Star covers the social media unveiling of RealDoll’s Henry, a male sex robot and female-targeted counterpart to Harmony.

Here’s How Sex Robots Are Made

Keeping in tune with their continued fascination by the emerging sex robot market, Vice’s Desus and Mero react to Exdoll’s newest advancements in facial movements and body types.

Sex Robots That Do Chores Are Coming To Ruin Your Relationships

Lad Bible’s Claire Reid covers Xiaodie, the newest love doll model by Exdoll (based out of Dalian, China). Similar to Sergio Santos’ Samantha, Xiaodie is designed to be conversational and emotional via an app-controlled AI interface.

My Robot Boyfriend’s Name Is Henry, and He Is Very Good For Me

Jezebel’s Whitney Kimball announces Abyss Creation’s (aka RealDoll/ RealBotix’) first mainstream male model, Henry, as part of their “MY BOYFRIEND” column.

The future of sex is not robots

In an interesting series of interviews conducted by Megan Nolan of Dazed, the future of sex work and the future of sex robot adoption are predicted to intersect less than one might initially anticipate. Nolan also interviews Sergei Santos, the Spanish developer of Samantha, and pulls from ideas by Dr Ian Pearson.

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