Sexbots on Late Night and Will Smith’s Meeting [March 2018]

In March, the sex doll and robot industry went through a large round of academic and moral scrutiny. We saw a thoughtful op-ed by Quartz, two great documentaries on RealBotix by Vice and Comedy Central, and a very mainstream feature with Will Smith. See it all here~

Will Smith Tries Online Dating

Though the title wouldn’t suggest it, Will Smith talk with Hanson Robotic’s Sophia. The moments in the uncanny valley mixed with Big Will’s wit make for a gaff-filled five minutes. Shot on a boat in the beautiful Cayman Islands.

Paris sex doll ‘brothel’ to stay open despite protests

Cnet covers recent controversy among a shop in Paris, France, that is offering trysts with sex dolls for pay. Opponents of the establishment argue that it is effectively a brothel that will encourage objectification and aggression against real women. Proponents state that there is no such evidence to back up negative presuppositions and that many men and women can actually find solace in a silicone partner.

We Must Ban Sex Robots

Noted sex robot opponent Kathleen Richardson vs. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET (an AI marketplace built on the blockchain) and chief scientist at Hanson Robotics (the creators of the acclaimed Sophia): the two battle it out on the stage of Web Summit. Our opinion? Ben was the clear winner of the debate.

Company posts job advert for Brit SEX DOLL tester… and you can get £35k for romping with robots

Silicone Sex World, a vendor that supports custom builds, posted an ad for a position as a sex doll tester. The position includes holidays, a gym membership, and travel duties, among other perks. The very public position was covered in a lighthearted piece by The Sun.


In a Daily Show special with Comedy Central, correspondent Desi Lydic meets with RealBotix founder Mat McMullen and outspoken critic of the industry Kathleen Richardson. The piece does a great job highlighting the dichotomy between legitimate fears around the AI-driven replacement of human roles and the baseless fear mongering around the morality of sex robots – all in a lighthearted light.

Meet Harmony The Sex Robot

Vice’s Viceland’s SLUTEVER has Karley Sciortino reporting in a documentary piece on RealBotix’ Harmony with Matt McMullen, the founder. This piece explores Pygmalion desire and ultimately paints the future of the industry in an exciting light.

In defense of sex robots

In an increasingly-common move, Quartz’ Hallie Lieberman publishes a thoughtful (and ultimately positive) piece on the future of the sex robot and sex doll industry. Her summation puts it best:

“Instead of seeing sex robots as a reflection of our cultural fears, we should think of them as a technology that can help fix the sex crises we face. By using them to teach consent, guide our partners to better satisfy us, and then use them to better satisfy ourselves, we can welcome them into our bedrooms. Sex robots don’t have to be our enemies: They can be our partners instead.”

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