“Finding Acceptance in an Unconventional Love”

When I first heard of sex dolls, I was shocked and even a little scared. I had grown up in a society that had taught me to be ashamed of my desires and to believe that anything outside of traditional heterosexual relationships was wrong. But as I began to explore this topic more, I realized that sex dolls can be used to explore and embrace our sexuality in a healthy and positive way.

Embracing the Unconventional

When it comes to sex, there are so many different ways to explore and express our desires. However, society has a tendency to stigmatize any form of sexuality that does not fit into the traditional, heteronormative mold. But with sex dolls, we can begin to embrace our unconventional desires in a safe and judgment-free environment. No longer do we have to feel ashamed of our fantasies; with sex dolls, we can explore them without fear of judgement or rejection.

Exploring the Benefits of Sex Dolls

In addition to providing a safe and non-judgmental environment for exploring our desires, sex dolls can also offer a range of physical and emotional benefits. For example, they can provide a safe and convenient outlet for release, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. They can also help to improve communication skills and foster deeper connections with partners.

Crafting a Healthy and Positive Relationship

When it comes to relationships, sex dolls can also be incredibly beneficial. They can help to bridge the gap between partners by providing a shared experience without any of the pressures of traditional relationships. This can help to build trust and understanding, as well as foster a stronger emotional connection.

Learning to Love Myself Again

One of the greatest benefits of sex dolls is that they can help us to learn to love ourselves again. By embracing our unconventional desires and exploring them in a safe and judgment-free environment, we can begin to rediscover the beauty and power of our own sexuality. We can learn to accept and celebrate our desires, rather than being ashamed of them.

Sex dolls can provide us with a unique opportunity to explore and embrace our sexuality in a healthy and positive way. By embracing our unconventional desires and crafting a safe and judgment-free environment, we can begin to learn to love ourselves again. Sex dolls can help us to rediscover the beauty and power of our own sexuality, and to celebrate it in a way that is both healthy and positive.

Technological Marvels: Manufacturing and Design of Sex Dolls Unveiled

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The wonders of technology have enabled us to create some of the most amazing products and inventions that have revolutionized our lives. From robots to artificial intelligence, technology has enabled us to explore the boundaries of what is possible. One such marvel of technology is the manufacturing and design of sex dolls. From the intricate details of their features to the different types available, the manufacturing and design of sex dolls have been unveiled.

A Peek into the Marvels of Technology

The marvels of technology have enabled us to explore the boundaries of what is possible. From robotics to artificial intelligence, technology has enabled us to create products and inventions that have revolutionized our lives. From driverless cars to virtual reality, the possibilities are endless. Similarly, the marvels of technology have enabled us to create sex dolls, which are becoming increasingly popular.

The Manufacturing and Design of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular and are being manufactured using the latest technology. The manufacturing and design process involves the use of sophisticated materials, computer-aided design (CAD) software, 3D printing, and other cutting-edge technology. This has enabled manufacturers to create realistic and life-like sex dolls with intricate details and features.

Unveiling the Creation Process

The creation process of sex dolls involves the use of sophisticated materials, computer-aided design (CAD) software, 3D printing, and other cutting-edge technology. The materials used to create sex dolls vary depending on the manufacturer, but they typically include silicone, metal, and plastic. The CAD software is used to create the detailed designs of the sex dolls, while the 3D printing is used to print the parts. Once the parts are printed, they are assembled together to create the finished product.

What Goes into Making a Sex Doll?

The creation process of a sex doll involves the use of sophisticated materials, computer-aided design (CAD) software, 3D printing, and other cutting-edge technology. The materials used to create sex dolls vary depending on the manufacturer, but they typically include silicone, metal, and plastic. The CAD software is used to create the detailed designs of the sex dolls, while the 3D printing is used to print the parts. Once the parts are printed, they are assembled together to create the finished product.

Examining the Design and Features

The design and features of sex dolls vary depending on the manufacturer. Some sex dolls are designed to be highly realistic, while others are designed to be more abstract. The features of sex dolls can also vary, ranging from removable parts to articulated joints. Some sex dolls even feature voice recognition and artificial intelligence, allowing them to interact with their owners.

The Different Types of Sex Dolls

There are a variety of different types of sex dolls available on the market. Some of the most popular types include male and female dolls, silicone dolls, and inflatable dolls. Male and female dolls are designed to look and feel like a real person, while silicone dolls are designed to be more realistic. Inflatable dolls are designed to be more abstract and are typically used for solo play.

A Look at the Future of Sex Dolls

The future of sex dolls is an exciting one, as technology continues to advance. Manufacturers are continuing to explore new ways to make sex dolls more realistic and interactive. There is also a growing demand for sex dolls that are designed to be more lifelike and feature advanced features such as voice recognition and artificial intelligence.

The Pros and Cons of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls offer a variety of benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, sex dolls can provide a safe and private way to explore one’s sexuality. On the other hand, some people may find the idea of using a sex doll to be unsettling or even creepy. Additionally, there are concerns about the safety of using sex dolls, as some may contain materials that are not safe for human use.

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The manufacturing and design of sex dolls has been unveiled, thanks to the marvels of technology. From the materials used to the intricate details and features, sex dolls have become increasingly realistic and lifelike. While there are pros and cons to using sex dolls, it is clear that the technology behind them is continuing to advance. As technology continues to evolve, the future of sex dolls is sure to be an exciting one.

“Sex Dolls: A Reflection on Human Connection”

Exploring sexuality can be a daunting experience, as it often involves stepping outside of our comfort zone. For me, this journey has been an enlightening one that has helped me understand my own desires and appreciate the power of pleasure. In this article, I will be exploring my experience with sex dolls, understanding my sexuality, embracing self-love and pleasure, and reflecting on my findings.

Exploring My Experience with Sex Dolls

When I first started exploring sex dolls, I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to do. After doing some research, I realized that there were many advantages to using a sex doll. For example, it allowed me to explore my sexuality in a safe and private environment, and it gave me the opportunity to experiment and discover what I enjoyed.

I decided to give it a try and purchased a sex doll. I was amazed at how realistic it felt and how much pleasure I could derive from it. I also found that I was able to experiment with different positions and experiment with different sensations. It was a liberating experience that allowed me to explore my sexuality in a safe and comfortable way.

Understanding My Sexuality

Exploring my sexuality with a sex doll helped me understand my own desires and needs. I was able to experiment with different positions and sensations, and I found that I was able to find pleasure in ways that I had never experienced before. It also helped me understand what I found pleasurable and what I didn’t.

Using a sex doll also allowed me to explore my fantasies and desires without the fear of judgment. I was able to explore different scenarios and experiences without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. This helped me understand my sexuality in a deeper way and gave me the confidence to explore my desires in other ways.

Embracing Self-Love and Pleasure

Exploring my sexuality with a sex doll helped me appreciate the power of pleasure. It allowed me to explore my body and discover what felt good and what didn’t. It also helped me appreciate my body and accept my desires. I was able to explore different sensations and find pleasure in ways I didn’t know were possible.

Using a sex doll also helped me understand the importance of self-love and acceptance. I was able to explore my sexuality without fear or shame, and I found that I was able to accept and appreciate my body in ways I had never experienced before. It was a liberating experience that allowed me to embrace pleasure in a safe and comfortable way.

Findings and Reflections

Exploring my sexuality with a sex doll was an enlightening experience that helped me understand my own desires and appreciate the power of pleasure. It allowed me to experiment with different positions and sensations, and it gave me the opportunity to explore my fantasies and desires without fear or shame. It was a liberating experience that helped me accept and appreciate my body in ways I had never experienced before.

Overall, my experience with sex dolls has been a positive one. It has helped me understand my sexuality and embrace pleasure in a safe and comfortable way. It has also helped me appreciate my body and accept my desires. I am grateful for the experience and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to explore their sexuality in a safe and comfortable way.

Exploring my sexuality with a sex doll has been a positive experience that has helped me understand my own desires and appreciate the power of pleasure. It has allowed me to experiment with different positions and sensations, and it has given me the opportunity to explore my fantasies and desires without fear or shame. I am grateful for the experience and would recommend it to anyone looking to explore their sexuality in a safe and comfortable way.

Exploring the Phenomenon: Unveiling the World of Sex Dolls

Unveiling the World of Sex Dolls: A Reflective Exploration ===

Sex dolls have long been a topic of curiosity and controversy, with their existence dating back to ancient times. However, in recent years, advancements in technology and the growing acceptance of alternative lifestyles have propelled these lifelike companions into the mainstream. This article aims to delve into the enigmatic realm of sex dolls, examining the phenomenon from a reflective standpoint to better understand the motivations behind their creation and the impact they have on society.

Examining the Phenomenon: Delving into the Enigmatic Realm

Sex dolls, once considered a niche market, have now become a booming industry. These realistic, silicone companions are meticulously crafted to resemble human beings, complete with lifelike features and customizable options. While some may view sex dolls as mere objects of pleasure, it is crucial to acknowledge the complex motivations behind their creation.

For many individuals, sex dolls provide a safe and judgment-free outlet for their desires and fantasies. In a world where societal norms often dictate what is considered acceptable or taboo, these dolls offer a sense of liberation. They allow people to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment or rejection, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-acceptance. Furthermore, sex dolls can be a source of companionship, providing emotional support and a sense of connection for those who may struggle with traditional relationships.

However, the rise of sex dolls also raises ethical and societal concerns. Critics argue that these lifelike companions objectify women and perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards. Additionally, the potential impact on interpersonal relationships cannot be ignored. As sex dolls become more advanced, there is a fear that they may replace human intimacy and hinder the development of meaningful connections between individuals.


In conclusion, the world of sex dolls is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that warrants a reflective exploration. While these lifelike companions offer individuals a safe space to explore their desires and provide companionship, they also raise ethical concerns and have the potential to impact human relationships. It is crucial to approach this topic with an open mind and engage in thoughtful discussions to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sex dolls. By understanding the motivations behind their creation and the implications they have on society, we can foster a more inclusive and empathetic dialogue surrounding this enigmatic realm.


Interested in love dolls? Amazing, welcome! They’ve never been more lifelike or popular.

All around the world, an increasing number of men and women are taking the first steps toward sex doll ownership every day. Public opinion on dolls is shifting toward acceptance, and the idea of a silicone partner is becoming mainstream. To quote The Next Web, “…sex dolls will be a part of our life before we know it.”

Dolls are loved as a companion by some and seen solely as a sex toy by others. In some countries, they are hailed as an important step to mitigating gender imbalances and graying populations. They represent a beautiful mix of hyper-modern manufacturing precision and human yearning.

Driven by erotic photography, films and documentaries on the industry, and the emergence of sex robots in popular culture, the sex doll revolution is going to be a wild ride. Love doll personalities are rising to prominence on social media as men and women alike are drawn in by the pygmalion aesthetic.

But doll ownership is not a trivial or cheap undertaking — without knowing how to choose and care for a doll, a new owner puts themselves at risk of damage and scams. Where do you begin? What are the things you should look for?

Today, there are male and female dolls of every variety on the market, and they are becoming increasingly intelligent and customizable. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you’d ever need to know.



Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, have come a long way over the past few decades. The definition of a sex doll is actually quite broad: basically, any doll that can provide sensual pleasure. Additionally, many keep love dolls for their companionship.

Modern, high-quality sex dolls are now very sophisticated well-engineered. They closely resemble a real person in shape, size, and appearance — plus, in recent years, intelligence.


The origin of sex dolls dates back to the 17th century. During that period, French, Spanish, and Dutch sailors started designing them throughout the course of long overseas voyages. As legend goes, having an actual woman on a ship was thought to bring bad luck — so the sailors started making dolls out of old clothes.

It is believed that Dutch sailors introduced the concept of love dolls to the Japanese, which is why they are still sometimes referred to as “Dutch wives” in Japan. However, it wasn’t until late 20th century that sex dolls started to become more sophisticated.

The development of the modern sex doll started in the 1970s, when silicone, vinyl, and latex became widely available. Silicone in particular made it possible to design dolls to a degree previously unimaginable. To this day, it remains one of the most popular materials for manufacturing sex dolls.

Since they first appeared, sex dolls have been a subject of both delight and controversy. The prolific and voyeuristic fashion photographer, Helmut Newton, used RealDolls as the subject model of a shoot in 2002 in California. He’d previously tried to use dolls in photos for Playboy magazine, but they were never published on account of being ‘too odd for a layperson.’

See: Will Smith tries a date with Harmony

In the recent years, sex dolls have become more accepted by the public, even appearing in popular movies and TV shows. In 2007, the movie Lars and the Real Girl showed sex dolls in a new mainstream light. In the movie, a man develops a romantic relationship with a doll called Bianca as a way of coping with his social anxieties. The film has received overwhelmingly positive reviews (boasting an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes), and is credited with aiding the continual change of public perception around sex dolls.

Modern-day sex dolls have passed the uncanny valley into hyper-realism. They are collectible to many buyers: with prices anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, artisanal love dolls are featured in artwork and photography, and the community around ownership is growing rapidly.


There is no particular type of person who buys love dolls. Doll owners are people from any background imaginable — from powerful business people to happily married couples to single men and women alike. Though usually a very private decision, stigmas and negative perceptions around purchasing and owning a sex doll are washing away quickly.

There are many enthusiasts who collect love dolls as a hobby. Furthermore, sex dolls can be a great way to experiment and spice up the bedroom for couples.


The most obvious reason people buy sex dolls is, of course, for sex. However, the use of a love doll is not limited to sensual pleasure, and people choose to buy them for a multitude reasons.


For many people, sex dolls are not just sexual partners, but rather silent, understanding companions. A doll can be a comfort to those who don’t often feel heard or are disengaged from the dating scene.

Dakimakura (抱き枕, literally meaning “embrace pillow”) is a popular kind of type of love doll in Japan, designed solely for hugging and cuddling. They come in a variety of shapes and materials, including plush with an optional orifice. Often, these pillows come with a life-sized picture of a famous porn star or an anime character.


Sexual pleasure is still the most common reason for buying a sex doll. With modern high-end silicone dolls, sex can feel close to actual intercourse — in fact, many people even prefer a doll partner. Every year, manufacturers develop new realistic properties, ranging from build and texture improvements to features like internal heating.

Photo by psion_satori, used with permission.

A sex doll can be a healthy outlet for sexual needs. This is especially true for those with a strong sex drive; a doll is always ready, always on-demand.

Having a love doll is not always predicated by being single. Many owners are already in serious relationships, as a sex doll is a great option for times when your partner doesn’t share your sexual inclinations (just like any other sex toy).


For many people, sex dolls provide a way to realizing their sexual fantasies. Some manufacturers offer the option of a customized face for your doll, so it can resemble anyone – your favorite movie star or any other person.

Anime sex dolls have also become very popular, especially in Japan. Manufacturers of sex dolls are always striving to create increasingly realistic experiences, which is why “virgin” sex dolls were made. These dolls are made with a membrane that resembles a hymen. This results in a very realistic experience of having sex with a virgin, allowing for the fulfillment of a very popular sexual fantasy.

Lastly, others fetishize over sensual relations with a doll or humanoid statue, and do not always want their doll to be hyper-realistic. The technical name for this is is “agalmatophilia,” literally meaning “statue love.”


Sex dolls are very popular gag gifts for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and similar occasions. These are usually inflatable dolls that are very cheap. These dolls function like any other inflatable toy, except with some kind of orifice.

Though blow-up sex dolls usually don’t look all that human-like, there are higher-quality options that are preferred by many. Here’s everything you’d ever need to know about blow-up dolls.

Photo by sexdollandthecity, used with permission.


The form of a naked woman has always been the ideal of beauty and one of the most common motives in art. There are innumerable paintings and sculptures of the naked female body made by famous artists, so it’s no wonder sex dolls have attracted the attention of modern artists. Many sex dolls are so carefully crafted that they are considered works of art themselves.

Several manufacturers make highly realistic love dolls, so it’s not a surprise that using them as models for photography is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, they are occasionally used in fashion photography.

Earlier we mentioned Helmut Newton, the photographer responsible for the first famous sex doll photoshoot. A more recent example is Stacy Leigh, one of the most well-known and respected doll photographers. Stacy often does photography work for manufacturers who want to show off their dolls.

Much of the photography throughout Doll View is modeled by sexdollandthecity, a prime example of a love doll who is succeeding as a persona on social media. Several amateur and professional sex doll photographers post their work to Instagram.

In solely platonic business cases, dolls are sometimes designed as mannequins without orifices.



Prices of sex dolls can range from a few hundred dollars to $10,000+. The median market price for a high quality, realistic doll is generally $3,000+. See how sex dolls are priced here

Depending on the price, dolls include varying materials and features. Many manufactures allow for lots of customization, and the line of base models to choose from is expanding every day.

Different classifications of sex dolls are generally based on the shape, height, and weight. The main classifications to consider when choosing your sex doll are:


Soon-to-be doll buyers also have to choose between hyper-realistic looks or a fantasy aesthetic. No matter which direction you go, manufacturers will still strive to “bring the dolls to life” in terms of appearance, shape, and feeling.

Sex dolls that look like anime characters are a popular choice, and demand is growing. Generally, these dolls have a realistic body (with exaggerated features) and the appearance of an anime woman.


The three main types of sex dolls on the market are standardsemi-standard, and customized. Standard dolls are cheaper and they come as a complete package. Hair, eye, and skin colors are pre-selected, as well as makeup and clothes. These dolls usually arrive with fixed heads and their features can’t be altered.

Semi-standard sex dolls are a step up from standard dolls. These dolls usually have a set face, but they offer flexibility in terms of appearance and features. Things you can change can include:

  • Aesthetic details like eye color, hair color, makeup, and clothes.
  • Body types, like height, butt, and breast sizes.
  • Orifice count — generally options range from one to three orifices (i.e. including an anus and a mouth in addition to a vagina). Orifices of sex dolls are sometimes detachable, and have varying degrees of customizability themselves.

Fully customized dolls are the best (and most expensive) option available. For some manufactures, you can send detailed visual guidelines and have a doll made with exact facial features and desired body type.


The material a sex doll is made of determines its quality and the overall feeling. The price of the doll will depend largely on the material that is used. Furthermore, the material a doll is made of also dictates the use of the doll.

The cheapest dolls are inflatable and made of either vinyl or latex. Higher-quality dolls are usually made of either silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Fabric (cloth) dolls are a mid-tier to inexpensive option.

The most common materials used for sex dolls are:


For a full download on TPE love dolls, see All You Need to Know About TPE Sex Dolls here.

TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is a relatively new material to the sex doll market. It has become popular in the recent years as a substitute for silicone.

TPE dolls are usually much cheaper than silicone dolls, but they are just as durable and just as realistic. The main drawback of TPE is that it’s a porous material like rubber (in fact, “TPE” is technically a kind of rubber). Otherwise, TPE dolls feel just as good as silicone, leading many manufacturers to include them as an option. They usually cost between $1,500 to $3,000.

A note on rubber sex dolls:

Though some rubber dolls today are still high-quality, the material has its disadvantages. The biggest one: rubber is much less durable than silicone. It is a porous material, meaning it’s more difficult to clean, water can seep through the skin, and it’s impossible to fully sterilize. Porous materials encourage the growth of germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly, so if you purchase a TPE doll you should always be thorough in cleaning it after use.

If you are buying a TPE sex doll, it’s important to check that phthalates are not added to the materials. Phthalates are a compound added to rubbers to make them more flexible, but prolonged exposure to this substance is not safe for humans. As long as they don’t contain phthalates, rubber sex dolls are generally safe to use.


Silicone is arguable the safest material for sex dolls: it’s non-porous, non-reactive, and very durable. Silicone allows manufacturers to achieve an incredibly life-like feeling for their products. It remains the most popular material for sex dolls.

Silicone dolls are quite expensive. They generally cost more than $3,000 — and for custom love dolls, prices can even reach over $10,000.

Silicone dolls are also the heaviest options available. In general, silicone sex dolls are the highest quality and most lifelike option you have.


Fabric has been used to make sex dolls ever since their inception. However, modern sex dolls made of fabric are not very similar to the sailors’ cloth dolls from the 17th century. Fabric sex dolls are comfortable, but they don’t offer the life-like touch of silicone or TPE dolls.

That said, fabric dolls often come with removable orifices made of silicone, and they are significantly cheaper — generally $400 to $1,000.

Plush dolls are an off-shoot of fabric sex dolls that differ slightly. These dolls are made of soft, squishy materials, similar to stuffed toys. Plush dolls can look more like a teddy bear than a human being, but that is preferable to some doll owners. Plus dolls generally also come with working orifices.


Inflatable blow-up love dolls come in either latex or vinyl. Latex has a more balloon-like, flexible feel to it, and is the lightest option. Vinyl is a more durable option but has a texture very unlike actual skin. Both options are inexpensive. Settle the latex vs. vinyl debate here.


PU foam dolls are an exciting development in the sex doll industry. PU foam — also known as polyurethane foam or polymer foam — is a material used in lots of useful things, from sponges to bedding to soundproofing. The soft and porous material is flexible and quick-drying.

The skeletons of these dolls are made with POM (also known as polyoxymethylene or acetal). POM is a kind of plastic used in high-impact ways like ball bearings or race car parts. It is significantly lighter than steel or the metals used for some silicone dolls’ skeletons.

PU dolls are perfect for those looking for a realistic-looking love doll that is 1. relatively inexpensive and 2. not very heavy. They are dismantlable, easy to pose, and make for great photography subjects. To see just how beautiful a PU doll can look, check out @psion_satori, who uses a DS EX-LITE doll as the primary model.

There are a few downsides to PU dolls as well; they are more rigid than a silicone or TPE doll, have very visible seams where the limbs connect, and noticeably crease near their joints. Some owners report that the weightlessness and foam feeling take away from realism.

Currently, the only manufacturer producing PU foam dolls is DS Doll. Their “EX-LITE” model is only ~18lbs (8kg) and stands at 5’3″ (163cm). Discounted prices begin at just $399.



When people envision sex dolls, they usually think of a woman’s body. While it’s true that female sex dolls are the most popular, dolls in other genders are also available and growing in popularity.

It’s possible to find both male sex dolls and in-between shemale sex dolls. Male dolls are usually anatomically correct and have a detachable penis (generally resembling a dildo).

Shemale dolls have a female body but both male and female genitalia. Orifices are usually removable, so an owner can switch freely between a penis and a vagina.


You’ve probably seen dolls that look very life-like in pictures, but you might be left wondering how common life-sized dolls really are. The answer is surprising: most new dolls sold today are life-sized, and the number continues to increase by the day.

Standard silicone dolls are around 5 feet (152cm) tall, but you can find taller dolls up to 5 and a half feet. If you want taller than that, you generally have to order a custom build — but manufacturers usually can make it happen.

Sex dolls made of fabric are shorter. In this category, you can expect to find dolls sized from 4 feet up to 5 and a half feet.

There are also high-quality dolls available that aim for a petite look. They are shorter and have a slender bone structure, which gives them a delicate look. This type of doll is usually around 4 feet high. They are often produced as more of a collector’s item, but they naturally still have all the same functions as larger dolls.

When it comes to body shape, it’s possible to customize higher quality dolls to your liking. You can usually choose the size of the breasts and butt.


As you’d expect, the taller the doll, the heavier it is. Silicone dolls are the heaviest (and closest to the real thing). As a rule of thumb, you can expect a doll to weigh about half of what a human of the same size would weigh. Silicone dolls can weigh anywhere from 60 to 100lbs (kgs here).

Heavier sex dolls feel more realistic, but too much weight can cause structural problems over time. Weightier dolls carry the risk of sagging into the parts making contact with a hard surface under their own weight. To avoid this, many owners will place a pillow under their dolls to distribute the pressure some.

It can be very difficult to carry and store a heavy doll. Be aware that picking up and moving a sex doll can feel more akin to lugging a 60 to 100lbs dumbbell than a person. When carried, humans naturally readjust themselves to distribute their weight more evenly (and reduce their “dead weight” load). Dolls, of course, are unable to do this. If you opt for a silicone or TPE doll, prepare to get your squat on.

Dolls made from materials like fabric, vinyl, and PU foam are usually much lighter than silicone and TPE; they often weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.


Every functional sex doll has at least one orifice. When just one, this is usually the vagina. However, functional mouths and anuses are become more common options. These orifices can be fixed or detachable.

If you have a choice, it’s always better to select a removable orifice. They are much more sanitary because they are easier to clean. Orifices made of silicone can be sterilized in boiling water (though check with your particular manufacturer first). Most higher-end dolls have removable orifices.

Removable orifices also offer the added benefit of on-the-fly customizability. For example, on higher-quality dolls, different vaginas can be attached and removed, each with different textures and ribbing. Most modern sex dolls with detachable orifices are designed in a way that conceals removable parts and makes them look natural.

Mouth orifices, if they are functional, usually come with teeth and tongue. Hard parts are generally made soft so they don’t cause pain. Mouths are generally flexible so you can pull the chin down to widen the opening.


One of the most important things for realistic poses and positions with your doll is their skeletal integrity. The skeletal system of a sex doll works the same way as ours – it allows the doll to bend from its joints into many of the same positions a human could.

Some type of skeletal framework is a must for high-end sex dolls. Several different materials are used to make skeletons — some manufacturers make bones out of PVC and joints out of steel while others make all parts out of aluminum.

Aluminum skeletons are usually stronger. The number of positions a doll can be moved into will depend on the quality of the skeletal framework and the complexity of the jointing. Dolls with very strong skeletons can even stand up on their feet.

High-end dolls now come with advanced skeletal systems. The most important advantage of these systems are movable hip joints. This will allow the legs to be spread to a maximum of 120 degrees, which is close to real-life flexibility.

Simpler skeletons are used in some mid-range dolls. For example, fabric dolls generally use a wire skeleton. Because this framework is less sturdy than aluminum and PVC/steel skeletons, these dolls can’t stand upright on their own. That said, they can still maneuver into and hold various positions, which is enough for most owners.

Sometimes cheaper dolls don’t have any skeletal structure. Although bendable, they usually can’t hold a sitting or crouching position, and are only ever laid down. At this quality, owners will often use a stand to stand up their dolls.


The biggest difference love doll owners notice between their doll and a real body is that while humans are naturally warm, synthetic materials are not. To solve for this, many people will find ways to head up their dolls for pleasure and realism. On popular option is electric blankets — both silicone and TPE have heat retention properties.

Self-heating dolls are also available. Their temperature is close to that of an average human body. Higher-quality heated dolls distribute heat evenly and naturally. These are usually made of silicone due to its ability to withstand high temperature fluctuations.


Outside of manufacturer customizations, there are several other options to think about when playing with your doll’s looks.


Since becoming more popular, interest in sex dolls has grown among all kinds of people. For this reason, you can find dolls of virtually any ethnicity and skin tone. In general, manufacturers located in Japan or China make dolls resembling Asian women, while Caucasian and black dolls are more common in western markets.


Standards have been being set increasingly higher when it comes to the quality of sex dolls. Just a realistic face is not enough anymore — you can now choose your doll’s clothes, hair color, even down to the smallest of details like makeup style or nail art.

Many owners further customize your doll after purchase. You change the appearance of your doll with various accessories, including clothes, makeup, wigs, replaceable eyes, and more.


One of the easiest interchangeable things you might want to change on your doll is their hair color and style. Most manufacturers will offer additional wigs for purchase with your doll. Fancy a feisty redhead today and a bombshell blonde tomorrow?


Lovemaking doesn’t feel particularly realistic without undressing. This is why all high-end dolls generally include erotic clothes that fit the dolls proportions perfectly.

It’s of course also possible to choose a new apparel for your doll after purchase. Some popular options are nightgowns, swimsuits, or lingerie.

Some owners prefer to keep their love dolls fully dressed. Many online traders provide clothes made specifically for sex dolls. Depending on the size of your doll, you may also be able to dress him or her in real human clothes.


It’s easy to change the clothes and the hair of a sex doll, but what if you get bored of the face? Well, actually, faces are often interchangeable on higher-end dolls as well!

It’s surprisingly easy — a doll will have either a removable face or a completely removable head. Removable faces are magnetically attached to the skull.


One of the most useful accessories for sex dolls is the stand, especially if your doll of choice is not able to stand upright on their own.

Although a stand doesn’t usually look natural, it allows for supported flexibility. Stands are available from most sex doll manufacturers. They are designed in such a way that doesn’t cause any damage or deformations.



With so many options available, finding the right sex doll for you can get a bit confusing. Some pointers in finding your first doll:

  • The number of poses a doll can be placed into is important, but sex dolls also come with varying degrees of flexibility. You’ll not be able to infer this from photos, but always check the product details to understand how flexible the doll is.
  • The overall look of your sex doll will depend on its material quality, build quality, and aesthetic decisions like ethnicity or extra features. High-quality dolls really look like real people, so it’s a good idea to map all these things out before clicking the buy button.
  • Purchasing a love doll is a very personal decision — let your instincts guide you. Look at various pictures and decide which dolls appeals the most to you personally. Many manufacturers seed pre-designed dolls with names (and sometimes even backstories!). Try browsing various models to see which one you fall in love with.


Once you have chosen the manufacturer and the model you like, you’ll proceed to the ordering process. This can vary widely depending on the channel through which you’re ordering your doll (online, through email, via the mail, etc.).

In most cases, you’ll be asked to fill in a detailed form in order to place the order. This is often time to choose from various options offered — things like the hair and eye color, breast size, and other accessories.

Many manufacturers will ask you to send your order form in an email. This industry is dated, and websites are often poor — many do not offer online payment options. Don’t be surprised if the payment methods offered are wire transfers and direct bank deposits.


Sex dolls are made to order in most cases — especially if they are high-quality. For this reason, you can expect to wait up to 9 weeks (or longer!) before your order is delivered.

Your doll will usually arrive in a cardboard box or a wooden crate. Manufacturers understand that your privacy is paramount, so there generally won’t be any info suggesting the contents of the box on the outside.

Most sex dolls manufacturers are willing to ship their products anywhere in the world. The USA, Canada, Australia, South America, many African and European countries, Singapore, and Malaysia are all countries where ordering a sex doll is popular and possible.

If you come from any other country than the above list, it would be a good idea to check the import laws of your country of residence and see if importing erotic goods is allowed.

Sex dolls are almost always shipped through trusted shipping companies. You’ll probably need to pay import duties for your package, but this is not something you need to worry about before your doll arrives.



If you don’t take proper care of your sex dolls, their lifespans will be much shorter. With good care and maintenance, a silicone or TPE doll can last for many years. How you store your doll is also very important, since storing it the wrong way can cause deformities.


The most ideal type of storage is in the crate your doll came in and in the same position it was in when it arrived. Sex dolls should be stored at room temperature, so avoid places that are too hot or too cold. Too much humidity is also not a good thing.

For best results, place a soft pillow under your doll to prevent gravitational sagging — especially if it’s made of silicone or TPE.


If you are moving your silicone doll around, always do so with extreme care. Take precautions not to overstretch the joints. The best option is, like storage, to transport the doll in its original crate. If you have a plush doll or an inflatable doll, you can usually fold them up any way you like without much worry.

While these general guidelines for maintenance, storage, and transportation should help, always make sure to read your manufacturer instructions for instructions.


See our full explanation on how to clean and maintain your sex doll or robot here.

There are many different ways to clean a doll. These techniques vary depending on the kind of doll you own. See our Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Sex Doll here.

A few of the most important tips:

A sex doll should be cleaned carefully after each use in order to avoid the growth of bacteria (which can lead to infection). Silicone and TPE dolls will need to be cleaned in different ways.

To clean a doll, lay it on a flat surface in order to remove the pressure from the joints. In some cases, you will get a cleaning kit with your doll — everything you need will generally be included. If not, make a makeshift cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of an antibacterial solution with lukewarm water.

Wipe any unclean parts — especially the orifices — and then rinse them with clean water. If cleaning your doll’s face is necessary, remove the head (if possible) and wipe with a wet cloth or a TPE-safe Cleanser. Try your best not to over-wet or submerge your doll’s head, and be careful not to remove any permanent makeup.

Everything should dry naturally after cleaning. If you must use a towel, remember: pat instead of wipe. Rubbing with fibrous materials like towels or loofahs can be abrasive to your doll’s skin. Avoid using a harsh blow-dryer because too much heat can damage your doll. Wait until he or she dries completely before you store it. If you don’t, mold might grow.

Parts that are made of 100% silicone can be sterilized in several different ways because they are not porous. Always check your manufacturer instructions for cleaning directions.


Don’t panic if creases or wrinkles appear on your doll after use. Just lay it on a flat surface to remove the pressure — over time, the doll should return to its original state. Tight-fitting clothes can also cause skin creases, so be sure to remove them before storage. Be warned: If you keep tight clothes on your doll for too long, the creases can become permanent. Further, it’s a good idea to change the position of your doll in storage every once in a while; the weight of the breasts or butt coupled with gravity may causing drooping or flattening over time.



Sex dolls are becoming less and less of a taboo topic. Owners and enthusiast are now gathering in dedicated online forums and community websites to share their interests and knowledge.

Sites like Doll View are usually run by a small team. Our mission is to be the central hub on love doll education and discovery. That said, there are several other sites you may find valuable. Some of our favorites are:


Forums are a great place to interact with other enthusiasts, ask questions, and get opinions. Reviews, resellers, and information around particular products can all be found on these sites. The most trusted are:

As the community of doll enthusiasts keeps growing, more and more useful websites are appearing.


Hopefully this guide has provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in comments section below~



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Whether it’s for companionship or a collection, buying a love doll is a serious investment — and sometimes, a large one! Lower-end to higher-end dolls range from a few dozen to several of thousands of dollars.

Before you consider pricing, it’s important to have a strong understanding of love dolls. If you haven’t already, first read our introduction to sex dolls here.


The first thing you’ll need to decide is how much you are willing to spend. At $3,000 – $4,000, you’ll be getting top-tier quality — any prices in excess of this are generally for custom builds and alterations.

In this price range, you can expect every doll to be made with the best materials, skilled craftsmanship, and keen attention to detail.


When it comes to silicone, you’ll often find sex dolls made with medical-grade, platinum-cured, macro-molecule silicone. Sealing silicone with platinum makes love dolls much more durable, and prevents skin oozing. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers will use the platinum-curing technology. Make sure to check for platinum-cured silicone, because at a high-end price you should be getting high-end materials

Premium dolls generally have a better skeletal framework than the cheaper versions, allowing them to be placed in a wider range of realistic poses. Higher-end joints will stay tight and sturdy over a longer period of time.

When buying a more expensive silicone sex doll, you’ll be met with a huge range of options for customization. You can choose the shape and size of breasts and butts, particular skin tones and blemishes, facial features, or even the feeling of the vagina. Explore all the different things you can choose when buying a doll here.


Dolls made with a silicone-urethane mixture or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) are becoming an increasingly popular choice. High-end dolls are usually made of silicone, but TPE can also be bought at a higher price. The reason for choosing TPE is preference — some people find they like the feeling of it better than silicone.

TPE dolls require a different kind of maintenance and a more intensive cleaning routine than silicone dolls, but many doll owners still prefer the rubber-based material. Learn how to clean and sterilize a TPE doll properly here.

Understand that TPE dolls generally have a shorter shelf life than silicone due to natural atrophy through gravity and usage. Because of this, TPE dolls can be found for both above and below $3,000, depending on the degree of customization and the manufacturer. Learn more about TPE dolls here.


If you are on a budget, many great sex doll options still exist for less than $3000. From the $2,000 to $3,000 range, you can find less expensive TPE dolls. And for several hundreds of dollars, you can find both fabric and blow-up doll options. (Better understand sex dolls material options here).


Fabric or cloth sex dolls are not as realist-looking or customizable as their silicone or TPE counterparts, but they can still be a brilliant option for a budget-conscious owner. Cloth dolls have been made for hundreds of years — in fact, the very first types of dolls to exist were fabric dolls!

Some people prefer the look, touch, and weight of a cloth love doll. They often come with high quality removable vaginal orifices made of silicone. One can expect to pay between $400 – $1,000 for a customized fabric doll.


Blow-up dolls are a great option for the cost-conscious buyer. Made famous by films like Lars and the Real Girl, what you lose in realism you keep in your wallet.

Many owners prefer inflatable dolls as they are easy to store, are not heavy, and can be bought for as low as $25 (up to $250+). Because manufacturing a real doll is not nearly as intensive as a silicone or TPE doll, the different options for look, feel, and size are vast. See our full primer on blow-up dolls.


PU foam (polyurethane foam) dolls are a newer addition to the market that are sold at a very attractive price. The main upsides of these dolls are their inexpensiveness, their light weight, and their hyper-realistic looks.

PU foam dolls are currently only made by DS Doll and are distributed by their select partners globally. They start at just $399 for a full-sized (5’3″) model.


When you buy a sex doll, you get what you pay for. The lower the price of a doll, the lower the quality of the finish. Cheaper dolls may have visible seams along the limbs — some owners care about this and some do not. Small imperfections generally won’t affect a doll’s functionality, but they will impact overall aesthetics and realism.

On the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you can expect to find fewer customization options and less deft skeletal systems. Sometimes manufacturers will cut out accessories or clothing to save on costs.

This doesn’t at all mean you can not find a good doll for less than $3,000. Less expensive TPE dolls are a wonderful option — though they may be less durable and polished, TPE dolls look and feel almost the same as their silicone alternatives. Fabric dolls, which can be found on a budget, can be comforting and warm. And if you really don’t have much to spend, a great quality inflatable doll can be found for ~$250 or less.