On Young-looking Dolls and Robots (+Our Policy)

Since its inception, the sex doll industry has grappled with the existence of and outrage around young-looking dolls. Spurned by provocative academic research, the ethics of sex toys depicting underage subjects or children is a serious topic. It represents a stigma from which the love doll community has struggled to separate itself.

Publications like the BBC have repeatedly published brilliant exposes on this stain on the industry. Public reception has ranged from light sympathy to utter disgust. Whenever new research is published, the public and journalists alike struggle to come to grips with the grim reality of child-like doll manufacturing. This is especially true in countries without strict legal protections, like Japan.

Here at Doll View, we choose to ignore the nuances and instead take a very clear stance: We do not support the depiction, production, or distribution of underage dolls or dolls dressed or altered to appear more childlike. We will not feature or promote sex dolls or robots that are not clearly modeled to depict an adult.

This is an adult website creating adult content for adults only. Our site is strictly for users of legal adult age in their respective countries. For example, if you are not 18 in the United States, and you are browsing this website, you are in violation of our Terms of Use (and we request you leave immediately).

If you upload nefarious content that conflicts with our above-stated stance or our Terms of Use , it will be removed and you will be banned from our website indefinitely, with no questions asked.

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