The BBC’s Sex Doll World Tour and Fembot Movies [April 2018]

In April, sex dolls and robots took another step into the mainstream. We had a BBC documentary, lots of interviews with sex robot creators, and two movies with central themes surrounding androids and fembots. Check it all out below!

A lot of Americans think they’d probably try sex with a robot

The NY Post put out an interesting infographic related to popular opinion around sex robots. Though negatively positioned (see “cheating”), it shows how public opinion around sex dolls and robots is brightening.

Tech Companies Collaborate To Create Next-Gen Sex Robots

CBS covers Realdoll and RealBotix with founder and inventor Matt McMullen. The interview highlights the potential benefits of sex robots, the craftsmanship that goes into them, and how they are ordered/ experienced.

Robotic Exotic Dancers Prove No Job Is Safe

In a goofy video by emerging news outlet Cheddar, reporter Hope King asks exotic dancers what they think about newly-built dancing robots that look like Wall-E.

San Marcos-Based RealDoll Launches AI Sex Dolls

KPBS interviews Matt McMullen, founder of RealBotix and Realdoll, who talks of the changing paradigm around sex dolls and how he views his pieces as works of art before sex toys.

You can soon buy a sex robot equipped with artificial intelligence for about $20,000

In a brilliantly light-hearted off-site by ABC Nightline, Katie Couric visits Harmony, explores the challenges and ethical questions of the burgeoning industry, and shares a few laughs about the male robots in development.

Amazon’s next big flick is called Zoe, and it stars Christina Aguilera as a sex robot

Zoe, a futurist love story which stars Christina Aguilera (as a sex robot named Jewels), Ewan McGregor (as Cole), Rashida Jones (as Emma), and Léa Seydoux (as an android named Zoe), was released at the Tribeca film festival on April 21st. It has so far been received both positively and negatively, boasting an 8.1 on IMDB but a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Sun announces the movie, whose distribution right were bought up by Amazon.

Future World Official Trailer

Future World is coming soon! In this dystopian, post-apocalyptic flick, Lucy Liu (as the queen), James Franco (as the warlord), and Suki Waterhouse (Franco’s fembot Ash) venture out to find medicine in a steampunk gang-ridden wasteland. In the trailer, a malfunctioning Ash gains a new capacity for sentience, violence, and provocation. The film will be released in theaters on May 25th.

The Future of Sex? | Sex Robots And Us

The BBC published its enlightening journey of James Young, a reporter with a bionic arm and a keen opinion on emerging, AI-driven tech. James visits several different sex bot manufacturers in Barcelona, the UK, and Japan, and talks earnestly about the pace and current realities of the sex robot and love doll industry.

Most of James’ gripes throughout the documentary can be chalked up to underdeveloped technology not yet able to scale the uncanny valley (as was the case with the unrealistically proportioned brothel doll, the “distant” male doll, and Samantha), and not actually moral precariousness. Feeling uncomfortable should not so easily be misconstrued with something being “scary” or “creepy.” Many technologies that are not actually reprehensible are shocking to consumers before adoption.

That said, James’ experience in the Japanese manufacturer’s factory, specifically with young-looking dolls, underscores a very real and dark issue within the larger industry. Doll View takes a hard and clear stance regarding young-looking dolls, regardless of different nations’ laws.

Robot Sex Doll Inventor Claims It Has Improved His Marriage

The Huffington Post meets up with inventor Sergi Santos (the creator of Samantha) and his wife of 16 years, Maritsa, about how sex dolls assist in sating different amounts of libido.

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